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Become A Member of LAMTA

Thinking about joining LAMTA? We welcome new members who strive for quality instruction and musicianship and are always looking to expand our group. Our chapter hosts a variety of performances and events  throughout the year for the betterment of our teaching development.


Contact president, Reene Sampson at!

Excellence in Music Education Since 1980

Our Mission

Each year LAMTA provides educational opportunities and experiences for students and teachers alike. Together we foster an intrinsic, lifelong love of music in those we have the pleasure of teaching.

What it is

LAMTA comprises a passionate group of music instructors throughout the La Crosse region. We all have the same goal: Quality instruction that fosters a lifelong love of music in ourselves and our students.

What it isn't

A group of old, cranky music teachers who meet up every once in a while to discuss student woes.

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