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Welcome to our website! We are your local chapter of music teachers in La Crosse and surrounding areas. Here you'll find all the useful information regarding who we are, what we do, and how you can get involved!

We have many great members and encourage you to join! Whether you've taught for 3 years or 30 years, we would love for you to get involved in all that LAMTA has to offer!

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The 2024 WMTA Regional Keyboard Competition was held on Saturday, May 11th at UW-Eau Claire. Many of LAMTA's own students participated and received the following results:

Winner 4th grade: Roy Li - student of Judy Stafslien

Honorable Mention 4th grade: Ethan Nitzsche - student of Marilyn Lee

Winner 7th grade: Armani De la Rosa - student of Judy Stafslien

Honorable Mention 7th grade: Andrew Lowman - student of Judy Stafslien

Runner Up 8th grade: Luca Whitson - student of Pam Kelly

Honorable Mention 8th grade: Juliana Dunn - student of Judy Stafslien

Honorable Mention 8th grade: Maggie Li - student of Randy Lyden

Runner Up 9th grade: Lane Miller - student of Vanessa Mills

Honorable Mention 9th grade: Apollo De la Rosa - student of Rita Schuman

Runner Up 10th grade: Krishna Ailiani - student of Judy Stafslien

Honorable Mention 10th grade: Danny Ott - student of Jane Haskins

Winner 10th grade: Matthew Rabindra - student of Judy Stafslien

Congratulations to all the participants!!!

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